Filling in the Blanks with Personal Branding

Job hunters today cannot afford to skip personal branding as part of their resume package. It’s common knowledge that prospective clients and hiring managers do several search engine queries with your name as a keyword term so they can “fill in the blanks” about you. If you already have an established personal brand on social media websites, such as and, you are essentially creating an edge and defining your own personal brand when put against another competitor for the job you want. And, it’s just the edge you need. In fact, even if you are not in the market for a new job, it’s still a great idea to define your professional image positively online so that in the event you move on, you can hit the ground running.

First things first, cohesiveness.

  • 1) Create specific social media accounts that are separate from your personal ones. Try to have all your usernames the same across the board. You can use to view what usernames are available and what could work best across all channels.
  • 2) All profile pictures should be a classic head shot, waist up, and should be the same across all social media channels, including your website and email account. You can easily take a head shot with your phone or camera and do not need to spend money with a professional photographer unless you desire to do so. For me, my head shot was done in front of my house, utilizing natural light on a cloudy day.
  • 3) It’s not required that you do blog posts or position yourself as a thought leader, however, what is holding you back from doing so if it means landing the job that you want against someone who is poised as not one? You don’t have to do anything lengthy, how about a post on the tools you use most for your job? Or, how about tips on managing your specific job? Everyone is an expert if given the chance and I truly believe everyone has something valuable to contribute.

In this unnerving economic climate, no one can afford letting others define you when you can define yourself.